Quality Control

Soken Trade Corporation - Proudly own its own warehouse in Japan with a capacity store up thousands of engines and trans-missions. Our colleagues in Japan are adequate to collect and supply top end quality merchandise. This unique system allows us to pre-select and inspect the merchandise prior of its transfer to the U.S. and to supply our cus-tomers the finest quality.

  • Our Yard in Japan stores thousans of engines and transmissions ready to ship to the U.S.
  • Certified technicians cautiously inspects each engine to assure it meets Soko’s quality standards.
  • Our engines are primed with Noxudol 700. A solvent free chemical to maintain internal parts free of rust.
  • Our custom made high pressure washing machine allows us to clean our merchandise effectively.
  • All engines are set through a quality control process where our certified staff checks the compression and oil pressure to assure the quality of our merchandise.
  • Merchandise has successfully passed all quality control process and is now ready to sell.